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Phoenix Custom Wear is a full package apparel manufacturing company specializing in Made in the USA, custom private branded apparel. Our Cut & Sew operations combined with the latest Dye Sublimation printing equipment deliver the highest quality garments and accessories available. 

We offer premier Creative Services, artwork, private branding and labelling, low minimums and no set-up charge. Our technologically advanced performance fabrics provide optimum comfort, moisture wicking, odor control, and sun protection.



The Difference


We do not print on pre-made imported shirts. What makes us different from others is the way that we manufacture our shirts. Phoenix brings the fabric in from our Mill, cuts it to size and dye sublimate prints the individual pieces of the shirt BEFORE the shirt is sewn together. This enables us to deliver the highest quality, most vibrant printed colors Made in the USA garments on the market.

Understanding Dye Sublimation Printing


We use the latest digital apparel dye sublimation printing equipment which yields high-definition (HD) printing quality and a wider range of stunning colors.


With Dye Sublimation printing solid dye particles are printed on special treated paper and are converted into a gas when using heat and pressure. The dye in a gas form penetrates the fibers of the manmade synthetic material infusing or embedding the image into the fabric that will not crack, peel or fade when washed.


Because of the chemistry involved in the sublimation process, it will only bond with polymers and polyester so 100% polyester is the best fiber choice. Therefore, Dye Sublimation printing will not work for fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, wool etc. Poly/cotton blends will work but the printing result will be faded or have a “retro” look.



Phoenix Custom Wear

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